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trailor thresher

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  • Weight450 kg

[Youngshin Farm Machinery]

  • South Korea South Korea
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this thresher is for bean,quinoa and amarance. 

this machine has double cylinder and double net. is  also patent .

Thresher is a device that first separates the head of a stalk of paddy rice from the straw, and then further cleans the straw, leaves and foreign objects. The threshing begins with a drum and concave. The drum has sharp serrated bars, and rotates at high speed, so that the bars beat against the grain. The concave is curved to match the curve of the drum. The beating  releases the grain from the straw and chaff.

Whilst the majority of the grain falls through the concave, the straw is carried by a set of "walkers" to the rear of the machine, allowing any grain and chaff still in the straw to fall below. Below the straw walkers, a fan blows a stream of air across the grain, removing dust and fines and blowing them away.